Have you been hit with a costly ticket in NYC, Westchester, Nassau or Suffolk County? The Law Offices of Isaac Abraham is a premier New York law firm handling traffic law violations primarily in Queens, Long Island city, Suffolk and Nassau counties, as well as, throughout New York State. Our committed and insightful team of attorneys is focused on aggressively defending your rights as a NY motorist. Isaac Abraham can assist you with traffic tickets and other driving violations, such as; DWI/DWAI, unlicensed operation, driving with a suspended license or insurance, speeding tickets, restoring a suspended or revoked driver’s license, and DWI refusal hearings.

Many people fail to realize that when you they place a check in the mail along with their traffic ticket, they are essentially pleading guilty to the charges. ‘Minor’ offenses can easily accumulate on an individuals license and before they know it, they may have their driving privileges suspended. Don’t let that happen to you! Have an experienced attorney on your side and your expectation for a successful resolution will be exponentially greater. From your first consultation on, Mr. Abrahams will provide the individualized assistance and legal expertise that your case requires.

At The Law Offices of Isaac Abraham, you can expect excellent legal representation that will help minimize the damage that traffic violations can do, like points on your license, increases in your auto insurance premiums, or the loss of your NY driving privileges. Mr. Abraham can fight your ticket usually without you having to attend court, so there’s no need for you to waste a day that could have been better spent at work, or at play.

Did you get a costly NY cell phone ticket? Got a speeding ticket? Let Isaac help you! Let us leverage our extensive experience in NY traffic violations and achieve a favorable outcome on your behalf in the following areas;

  • DWI refusals
  • Speeding tickets
  • Cell phone tickets
  • Unlicensed operation
  • Restoring suspended/revoked license
  • Driving on a suspended license or insurance

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