June 23, 2023

Tickets Soar in NYC Suburbs: How Hiring a Lawyer Can Protect You

In this article, we will explore a recent news report shedding light on the staggering number of traffic tickets issued during New York State’s Speed Week. […]
February 7, 2023

Benefits of Fighting Traffic Ticket in NY

Fighting a traffic ticket in New York can have several benefits, including saving money, avoiding points on your license, and protecting your driving record. Firstly, by […]
January 18, 2023

Eastchester Traffic Ticket

If you have received a speeding ticket in Eastchester, NY, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Your failure to respond to the ticket […]
January 18, 2023

Goshen Traffic Ticket

If you have received a speeding ticket or a traffic violation ticket in Goshen, New York, it is important not to ignore it. Failing to respond […]
October 31, 2018

Penalties for Illegally Passing a School Bus

Failing to stop for a school bus with its lights flashing can result in an expensive ticket and other consequences for residents of New York. If […]
October 25, 2018

Rules and Regulations Regarding Waze and GPS Apps in New York

Global positioning systems, more commonly referred to as GPS, can make driving to unfamiliar locations safer and more convenient for drivers. Waze and other GPS navigation […]
August 25, 2014

How can a Drunk Driving Arrest affect my Life?

If you have gotten pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, you will undoubtedly be wondering about how this will impact your life in the months […]
August 25, 2014

How Serious is a Reckless Driving Ticket?

If you have been pulled over and given a ticket for reckless driving in New York, you are likely wondering just how serious this type of […]
August 25, 2014

Importance of Proper Representation in Court

If you have been pulled over and given a ticket for using a cell phone while driving, you will want to make sure you have a […]
August 25, 2014

What can a Speeding Ticket Attorney Do?

Whether you were in a hurry or just not paying close enough attention, it is extremely easy to let your speed get away from you while […]
August 25, 2014

What can you expect after a DWI arrest

If you have been arrested for a DWI, or Driving While Intoxicated, you will likely want to know what you can expect to happen in the […]
August 25, 2014

Why can’t you fight the DUI yourself?

While everyone knows that it is a bad idea to drink and drive, it is something that still happens on a regular basis. If you have […]
August 25, 2014

Is it Worth it to hire a Traffic Lawyer

When most people get pulled over for a common traffic violation, they assume that their only option is to pay the ticket and hope that their […]