Have you been pulled over in Brooklyn and received a speeding ticket? The Law Office of Isaac Abraham is a premier Brooklyn traffic law firm handling traffic law violations. There are a few things you need to know before going any further. While your first reaction may be just to pay your fine, that may be a big mistake. Here are a few things that can help you decide if you need a Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer.

If you received a speeding ticket, you have a right to have your case heard in court. Brooklyn traffic courts will allow an attorney to present facts on your behalf. This could mean you don’t even need to show up for court and have a traffic ticket attorney fight the ticket on your behalf. This type of court does not have a jury, but is heard by an administrative law judge. In Brooklyn Traffic Court there are no plea bargains.

One of the things a Brooklyn traffic ticket lawyer can buy you is time. In most instances, a speeding ticket will greatly increase your car insurance rates. This happens once the points from the speeding ticket conviction is reflected on your drivers license. If your attorney can postpone going to trial for one year after the date the ticket was written, you may be able to avoid picking up that large increase in rates. In addition, there are things the police officer who gave you the ticket must prove for the charges to hold up in court. An experienced traffic attorney may be able to expose any mistakes the officer makes and get the charges thrown out entirely.

You may have lost your driving privileges if your traffic ticket was of a serious nature. This can also occur if you have too many points on your drivers license at the time your ticket was given. In these instances, it is imperative that you have someone to defend you and help you regain your driving privileges.

One of the best way to fight a traffic ticket in Brooklyn is to hire an experienced attorney. A competent attorney will fight for your rights and help minimize the damage incurred by your traffic ticket. If your attorney is successful, you may not have any additional points on your license or have an increase in your yearly car insurance premiums. Call today for a consultation to see how we can help you.