A DWI lawyer in Queens is what you need to ensure you get out from under the DWI that you have received. There are a lot of things that can go along with a DWI, including fines, license suspension and even time in jail. Laws are out there to protect you and you may be able to get out from some or all of the penalties that are being put against you.

What a DWI Lawyer Does

When you work with us, our DWI lawyer in Queens will be able to look at your case and determine what can be done. What can actually be done will greatly depend upon how many previous infractions you have as well as what your BAC was when the officer pulled you over. Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime, but it may not be quite as serious for you, depending upon all of the details of your case.

You don’t want to be charged with a criminal misdemeanor, which is what will happen if you are found guilty or you plead guilty. We will work with you to determine what needs to be done so that you don’t have to pay as many fines or spend any time in jail. We are very successful with having charges dropped or sentences lessened.

Ultimately, we are the ones who will go to court for you and see to it that you can get some of your driving privileges reinstated. A DWI lawyer in Queens can help you through the entire process so you know what to expect and get the desired outcome when everything is all said and done. This is something you can do on your own, but it is much easier if you have a lawyer in your corner, helping you with every step.

What a DWI Lawyer Charges

It’s important that you look at what a DWI lawyer in Queens charges. While you can’t put a price on your freedom and your driving privileges, you do know what you can and cannot afford. Not all lawyers in Queens charge the same prices – so you have to be cautious about what you pay.

At the Law Offices of Isaac Abraham, we will be able to tell you exactly what it will cost for us to represent your case. We don’t charge by the hour and we don’t hide any fees from you. We will give you a flat rate so you can add it to your budget and determine if it works for you or not. This way you never have to deal with any other charges once you have paid the legal fees that were quoted to you.

There are many questions that you probably have about a DWI charge as well as what a DWI lawyer costs. You will be able to speak to a legal professional over the phone to have all of your questions answered. This way there are no surprises and you will know exactly what we can do for you in terms of representation.

A DWI is not something you want to ignore. There are timetables that you have to contend with and if you’re not careful, you may lose more than your driving privileges. Find out what a DWI is all about and how you can fight it today.

Call us at the Law Offices of Isaac Abraham and we will show you how you can go to bat for your DWI offense.