If you’ve recently been pulled over and received a speeding ticket in Nassau County you might think you’ll just have to pay the fine and learn your lesson. If that were the case most people would agree that it is easier to just pay the ticket and be on their way. Unfortunately these tickets can have a much more significant impact on your life, ranging from your finances to even your employment. This is why it is often a good idea to fight your speeding ticket to try to get out of it or at least have the penalties reduced if possible.

Speeding Ticket Nassau County – Insurance Problems

Even if it is the first speeding ticket in Nassau County you’ve ever had it can cause your insurance premiums to go up in many cases. When you get a ticket you will be given a standard fine based on how fast you were going. In addition to the fine you’ll also get what are called points on your driver’s license. After a specific number of points you can lose your license or be required to take some sort of driver’s responsibility training course.

What’s worse, however, is the fact that most insurance companies base the amount you’ll have to pay in part on how many points you have on your license. So if you get a speeding ticket in Nassau County your insurance will likely go up next time the insurance company runs your driver’s record. This can end up costing you hundreds of dollars per year, and since most points stay on your record for at least 3 years that can really add up to a lot of money.

Speeding Ticket in Nassau County – Employment Problems

Many people today work in positions where they are required to travel at some point. It could be something like a truck driver who drives for a living or even just a manager who has to drive from location to location to ensure operations are running smoothly. If you haven’t looked at your employee handbook you might be surprised to know that many companies have rules that say if you have too many points on your license or your driver’s license is suspended you may be subject to losing your job.

While some companies are flexible in this area, others won’t be. This is especially true for lower pay jobs such as pizza delivery positions because it is simple to hire someone to replace you. With this in mind, it really makes sense to fight any speeding ticket in Nassau County that you are issued. The attorneys are quite affordable and have an excellent track record of reducing or even eliminating the number of points that go on your record as well as any fines you have to pay.

Don’t put your finances and even your career at risk over a little mistake you had in your vehicle. Fight the ticket to try to get the best possible results you can. The best way to fight any ticket is by employing an experienced attorney to work on your behalf.