There are few worse feelings in life than seeing those flashing lights in your mirror. Whether you were trying to see how fast your new car could go on the highway or you just missed a sign notifying you that the speed limit dropped, getting a speeding ticket in Suffolk County can be a big burden. There are two major issues related to getting a speeding ticket. First, you’ll have to pay a fine which can be anywhere from about $100 up to $500 or more depending on how fast you were going. Then there are the points, which go on your license and can cause you many problems.

While you might think it is expensive to hire a traffic lawyer to fight the ticket for you, it is almost always going to be cheaper than just paying the speeding ticket in Suffolk County because of all the additional expenses associated with having the points on your license.

Speeding Ticket in Suffolk County Raises Insurance Premiums

Since your insurance premium is based on the risk the insurance company believes you pose to them, the costs will almost certainly go up if you get points on your license. While each company has different guidelines for this type of thing, speeding tickets are one of those things that typically prompt an increase. This is because a speeding ticket in Suffolk County does mean that you’re driving faster than is considered safe, which the insurance companies need to account for.

An attorney can fight the speeding ticket in Suffolk County, so you not only avoid the points on your driver’s license, but you also won’t have to pay the fine for the ticket either. This is, of course, the ideal result when you’re fighting a ticket. While no attorney can ever guarantee the results they will produce, you are statistically far more likely to win your case when you’ve got a good lawyer fighting for you.

Speeding Ticket Suffolk County – How Attorneys Help

If you were indeed speeding and got your ticket, you might wonder what can be done about it. You are, after all, guilty of speeding so does it really make sense to fight the ticket. The fact is that while you may have been speeding, you can often either fight the ticket to eliminate it all together or have it pled down to a lesser offense. Police/ Prosecutor offers are able to change the ticket from a specific speeding ticket for going 25 over, for example, to a general speeding ticket without a set amount over. This will, naturally, be a much less costly ticket with far fewer points.

They can also change the ticket all together so rather than having a speeding ticket in Suffolk County you can get a ticket for driving too fast for conditions, which also carries fewer points in many cases. While these are excellent options, a good attorney can often get the police officer or the judge to drop the ticket all together so you don’t have to pay anything or get any points, even if you were actually speeding! This is because the burden of proof rests on the People to make a case against the motorist. If the People fail to meet the burden than the ticket is dismissed. This is just the way the traffic law works in this state and working within the system is always the right thing to do.