Getting a DWI is an extremely serious event in anyone’s life, and while it can happen to just about anyone, it is critical that you defend yourself properly. Hiring a Queens DWI attorney is something that you should do as quickly as possible so they can begin making the case in your defense. An effective defense can mean the difference between being found innocent and being guilty. Of course, with a DWI charge there are many different outcomes, which can happen, depending on the details of case.

Queens DWI Attorney – Making Your Case

When discussing your case with a Queens DWI attorney you might want to consider making a plea deal. Prosecuting attorneys often love making these deals because it counts as a victory to them and they don’t have to do nearly the amount of work to win the case. A good attorney can work out a great deal which will be very beneficial to you and the specific desires you have for the case.

A judge has a lot of different options when it comes to punishing people who got a DWI so that also gives you a lot of options to consider when working with your lawyer. Many people will, for example, offer to plead guilty as long as they don’t lose their license and the fines are reduced significantly. Others don’t want to have to do hours of community service but don’t mind paying the fees. Working with your attorney you can come up with a deal which satisfies all your requirements and have them offer it to the prosecution team. Although, there is no guarantee that the prosecution or for that matter the Judge, would accept your offer, in many cases you can have the case settled quickly and easily.

Of course, you can always have the attorney fight your case in front of the judge and hope for the best. While this can lead to getting a not-guilty verdict, it is much less of a guarantee than working out a plea deal. Make sure to discuss all your options with your Queens DWI attorney and make your desires known as soon as possible.

Queens DWI Attorney – Fighting for Your Rights

When you’re arrested for a DWI in Queens you might feel like you don’t have any good options available to you. Even if it is your first offense it can mean thousands of dollars in fines, countless hours of community service and even the loss of your driver’s license for a period of time. If you’ve had previous arrests for drinking while driving the punishments can be even worse which is why it is absolutely critical to have a Queens DWI attorney defending you every step of the way.

A qualified Queens DWI attorney knows the laws associated with your case and will be able to fight for your rights. The legal system is complex and difficult to navigate which is why so many people make mistakes when going through it alone. When you have an attorney at your side, you should be focused on working with him or her to get the best verdict possible.