Getting a Queens traffic ticket is so common today that many people think of it as just one of those things that they have to live with. Whether it is speeding, running a red light, driving too fast for conditions or something more serious like a DUI it is important to know all your options before you decide what you’re going to do. Fighting these tickets is a real option for many people who want to be able to avoid paying the high fines and avoid getting points on their license which can result in losing their job or having to pay increased premiums to their insurance company.

Queens Traffic Ticket – To Pay or to Fight

Deciding whether you want to just pay the ticket and be done with it, or fight the ticket to try to get out of it can be a difficult task. It is often a balancing act trying to figure out if it would be more expensive to hire an attorney to help fight the ticket or to just pay the ticket itself. While attorneys will cost money, when you are facing a ticket with multiple points associated with it, you need to take into account all the additional costs associated with your ticket.

Things like increased insurance rates and the fine for the ticket will quickly add up to far more than the attorneys fees are, especially when you consider that the points can stay on your license for many years. Of course, there are also some types of tickets, which just have a small fine, and no points, in which case it would be wise to just pay the ticket. Taking the time to learn all you can about what type of ticket you got and how many points are associated with it is very important when you get a Queens traffic ticket.

Queens Traffic Ticket – Chances of Winning

Another problem many people have with fighting a Queens traffic ticket is they feel like they won’t have a chance at winning. Even if you were speeding or committing any other infraction that you got written up for, you still have a good chance at winning the case if you hire a good attorney to represent you. Fighting a Queens traffic ticket on your own is difficult and has a much lower rate of success, but when teamed up with a lawyer you have an excellent shot.

The attorney will have had a lot of experience fighting Queens traffic tickets. In some cases they will attempt to get the ticket thrown out completely. If you hire an attorney to fight a ticket in Queens make sure to discuss with them the options available and what your main goal is so they can tailor their defense around the results you are looking for.

Queens TVB is an all or nothing court system. In plain English that means, if you win, you avoid points and a fine and if you lose you get hit with both. Plea bargains are not done in Queens. The closest thing to a reduction would be getting a speeding ticket from six points to four. Remember that the defendant- motorist is innocent until proven guilty. That said, it is up to the People to prove their case against you and not the other way around.